Membrane Group is a consortium of experts from various fields of textile building with the aim of offering all services from design to installation from one source. The services include the design, required coordination with the authorities, engineering analysis and detailing, workshop planning, manufacture of membrane and final assembly.

Membrane Group designs and manufactures textile constructions of any kind for facades, roofs or internal purposes. With help of softwares we can design, engineering and plan every free form surface. The materials used for this pourpose embrace the wide range of commercially available materials such as PVC, PTFE, silicone glass or ETFE.

The facination of textile surfaces, with its possibilities of free form, lightweight and light-filled interiors is the starting point of all design. Wide span structures can be built for roofs or climate facades with minimum use of materials and economically sustainable. With its extremely short assembly period membrane structures are the ideal form of construction for temporary or deployable buildings such as events area and Sport-leisure facilities and Swiming pools during the winter time.

The projects of the Membrane Group members have received numerous awards, including the IOC / IAKS Award (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities), the IULA (International Urban Landscape Award), the BDA Architecture Prize Nike, the Berlin Architecture prize and the Berlin Real Estate Award. The work has been in numerous lectures and exhibitions such as the 10th Architecture Biennale in Venice or at the Berlin-New York presents dialogues.


Gilbert Wilk
business management
Dipl. Ing. (RWTH Aachen)

Ana Salinas BDA
Project management Architecture
Architekt (ETSAM, Madrid)

Sergio Leiva
Project management Engineering
Dipl.-Ing, M. Eng. Membrane Structures